Elevate Football Performance Program

Elevate Football Performance Program

An 8 week program proven to increase speed, agility, strength, mobility, and lower your chances of injury! Become a better all around athlete, and take your game to the next level!

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Elevate Football Performance Program
  • FULL ankle flow

    A series of Ankle movements designed to help loosen and strengthen your hip movements. Perform 1 round.

  • Ascending Skater Jumps

    Setup your cones in a gradual V formation. Jump off of your outside leg only, and land on the opposite leg only. 4X 4 lateral jumps each side

  • Lateral Jump to Straight

    With a bench or box jump off one foot laterally and twist so that you land with both feet facing 90 degrees the other direction onto the bench and then drop back down landing on one foot. 10x/side.

  • Lateral Jump, Vertical Jump, Sprint

    Perform an explosive lateral jump, the second you land jump as high as you can, the second you land this time land on one leg and rotate exploding into a sprint for 10 yards. 10x both directions.

  • 3 cone shuttle

    Setting up 3 cones approximately 3 yards apart each start facing the cone and then exploded as quickly as possible touching the second cone, then back to the first cone sprint to the 3rd cone and then as quickly as possible sprint all the way back through the 1st cone. 5x as hard as you can.

  • Lateral Up and Go

    Start on the ground on your chest, explode up landing on just your outside foot then explode out driving the arms and the knee all the way through. Perform 5x on both sides.

  • Wall Starts

    In a single leg kneeling lunge position, place the leg closest to the wall up with the same side arm cocked back. Explode outwards making sure to drive both the arm and knee closest to the wall up and forward. Focus on driving the legs and arms with power. 10x per side.

  • Lateral Side Jumps

    Squat down low and explode as far out to the side as you can, as soon as you land jump as high as you can straight up, the second you land jump to the side and repeat. 10 jumps both directions.

  • Reverse Sprints

    Drop down with your knees bent to almost 90 degrees and sprint backwards as quickly as possible for about 10-20 yards, 4x.

  • Nordic FLEX.

    Kneeling down hinge backwards while maintaining a straight line from your knees up keeping the only movement at the knee joint. This exercise is as many reps as possible.

  • Falling Sprints

    Stand with feet together and start to fall forward, at the last moment before falling begin sprinting forward. 4x for 10-15 yards

  • High Knee Steps

    With a bench or box as quickly as possible tap one foot to the top of the box and then alternate. 60 sec.

  • Nordic EXT.

    With your feet anchored either with a bar/weight or partner, hinge forward with your hands behind your back and the only movement happening at the knee joint. You can start with an exercise ball and progress to going all the way to the floor. this exercise is as many reps as possible.

  • Resisted Band jumps

    Anchor a resistance band to a secure surface place the band around both shoulders and jump as high possible. Perform for 60 Sec.

  • banded rot

    With an anchored band, step into it and rotate across the body. 10x/side

  • Banded Resisted High Knees

    Place a band horizontally and drive your knee up into the band as fast as you can. Perform for 60 Sec.

  • Up and Over

    With a bench or box, place your lead foot on the surface and press down firmly exploding upwards and landing with both feet on the opposite side. 20x both legs.

  • Skip runs

    Following a cadence that starts to strengthen the sprinting movements. Key notes: Always focus on shortening the time that your feet are on the ground, and driving your knees up. 4x for 10-15 yards.

  • Jumprope

    2m of high step, 3 min of traditional

  • Proper Ab Crunches

    Low back supported with frog legs focused on lifting the chest into the air. Perform 50x

  • Isolated Plantar FLEX.

    Perform by standing on one leg going all the way down and up. 25x on both sides.

  • Tibial raise

    Leaning against the wall raise your toes off of the ground as high as you can while keeping your heels in contact with the ground. 20x

  • Standing INT. ROT.

    Standing with knees slightly bent rotate one leg at a time internally pushing the rotation until the rest of your torso starts to move. 10x/side

  • FULL Hip Flow

    A series of hip movements designed to help loosen and strengthen your hip movements. Perform all movements 1 time.

  • Sprint Back and then Forward

    Setup 3 cones, setup the cones with one at the beginning another one 10 yards forward and the last about 2 yards in front of the second. Sprint hard to the 3rd cone and stop reverse backwards to the second cone and then sprint forward through the 3rd cone for an additional 5 yards. 10x

  • bleacher series

    Perform each of the following 3x. Every other step as quickly as possible. Every step with just your right foot. Every step with just your left foot. Jump up the stadium with only two feet on the seats. As safely as you can go backwards up the stairs going as quickly as you safely can.

  • Exercise Ball Abs

    With your feet elevated, and an exercise ball beneath your forearms extend your arms forward and then back. AMRAP.

  • Kettlebell Rotation

    With a Kettlebell or dumbbell hinge forward over one foot and rotate towards the forward foot side. 10x/side

  • Landmine Rotation

    With a landmine setup bring the weight from side to side. AMRAP

  • Banded Pulldowns

    With an anchored band pull your arms down to your sides, and then with straight arms pull down. 10x/exercise

  • Landmine Rows

    With a landmine setup bend over grab the bar and pull the weight to your chest. 10 reps, 8 reps, 6 reps with increasing weight.

  • TRX Rot.

    With a TRX set lean back with straight arms, while keeping the arms straight rotate out to the side lifting yourself up. 10x/side

  • Pullups

    With a wide overhand grip extend all the way down and back up, bringing your chin to the bar. Anything less is cheating. As many as possible. AMRAP 3X

  • Form Failure Curls

    Perform a normal standing curl with elbows pinned to your side. The second your form drops either with your elbows, swinging your arms, or hips. AMRAP 3x

  • Flat Bench

    Lay flat on a bench, feet firmly pressed into the ground, grab the bar a little more than shoulder width apart, bring the bar down to your chest and press upward trying to externally rotate your arms. Perform in sets of 10,8,6.

  • Tricep Ext.

    Laying down while holding DB's with a straight arm bend at the elbow slowly lowering the weight towards your head, once you have reached full flexion extend back up. Perform as many reps as possible, 3x.

  • Landmine Split Press

    With an landmine anchored bar, start with the weight supported in one hand by your shoulder with the same side leg back in a lunge type position. Push the weight up over head focusing on the explosion, while at the same time driving the back leg forward. AMRAP both sides.

  • Band Resisted pushup

    With a lighter resistance band place across your back and hold firmly with both hands and then perform as many pushups as possible.

  • Band Anchored Pushups

    With a band securely anchored grab the band with both hands and slowly descend into a pushup and try to explode up. Perform as many reps as possible.

  • Exercise Ball DB Press

    While sitting on an exercise ball and holding dumbbells in both hands roll back until the ball is in the middle of your back. Push the DB's up and focus on the external rotation of the DB's at the top of the press. Perform as many reps as possible. Start with a lighter weight until you are comfor...

  • Incline Bench

    Lay on a slightly inclined bench, feet firmly pressed into the ground, grab the bar a little more than shoulder width apart, bring the bar down to your chest and press upward trying to externally rotate your arms. Perform in sets of 10,8,6.

  • Band explosion pushups

    With the same anchored band from “Band anchored pushups” place the band across your chest and lower yourself quickly to the ground and press upward with enough force to lift your hands off of the ground. Perform as many reps as possible.

  • Shoulder Exercise

    Press overhead bring down and then bring your elbows together while maintaining a 90 degree angle and then back up. Then alternate one arm at a time bringing down and completely rotating in, then press back up. 10x,8x,6x

  • Landmine Press

    With a secured olympic bar at one end, grasp the other end with one hand and press up and bring back down focusing on the squeeze in your chest in the middle. Perform as many reps as possible.

  • Inverted ankle narrow squats

    With a lighter weight (Body weight is acceptable) perform as many squats as you can with proper form with a heel lift placed under your heels for 45 sec. 3x

  • Deadlift

    Hinge forward making sure your back is braced properly. Drive your knees back and your hips forward lifting the weight off of the ground. Perform 3 sets of 10 reps, 8 reps, and 6 reps.

  • Bulgarian split squats and jump

    With one foot elevated on a bench lunge down looking to create a 90 degree angle with the forward foot. Perform 10 split squats then drop the weight and go into 10 split jumps bringing the knee up as high as you can on the elevation. 10x of each exercise on both sides.

  • KB swings

    With a single weight swing back and forth with a straight back, raising the weight to about eye level. Lift with your legs by driving your knees back and hips forward. perform for 45 sec. 3x.

  • overhead press suitcase lunge

  • Drop catch lunge

    Holding a weight in one hand drop down into a lunge as quickly as possible without letting your back knee touch the ground. perform as many as you can with proper form for 45 sec. both sides

  • Overhead press suitcase lunge

    Perform a lunge while holding a weight above your head focusing on holding your arm as stable as possible. 10x both sides

  • Single leg deadlift

    With a weight in your hand hinge forward on one foot with the other foot extending straight backwards trying to create a horizontal line. 10x/side

  • Front squat

    With a lighter weight (Body weight is acceptable) perform as many squats as you can with proper form for 45 sec.

  • OMT Basketball Workout 2

  • OMT Basketball Workout 1

  • Hip flexor stretch

  • OMT Basketball HIIT Workout

  • OMT Basketball Workout 4

  • OMT Basketball Workout 3

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